West Sussex Campsite – Facilities at Wild Boar Wood

West Sussex Campsite – Facilities at Wild Boar Wood

The Bell Tents

The Bell Tents

  • A Large Five Metre Bell Tent on a raised platform
  • 2.9 metres in height, so easy to stand up in.
  • Perfect for Families of up to 6 or Couples.
  • Inside the Bell Tent we supply just about everything you will need including;
  • Comfortable Adults and Kids Beds
  • Carpet, Coffee Table, Eco Lantern, Wood and Matches
  • Kitchenware, Kettle, Tableware and Cooking Equipment
  • New Friends at our Sussex Campsite with Campfires

    Around The Campfire

    • Rediscover the art of conversation, meet new friends, renew old acquaintances
    • Watch fire TV - the best show in the campsite.
    • Outside your Bell Tent we supply;
    • a firepit and an allocation of firewood and kindling
    • an eco wood-cooking stove
    • a barbeque grill and barbeque utensils
    • a 25-litre drinking water dispenser and a cool box
    • two director’s chairs, a picnic table & bench seating

    Communal Fire with Parachute Awning

    The Central Camp Area.

    • The heart of our woodland campsite is the communal fire
    • The open fires are designed as a place for people to come together, cook food, swap stories, toast marshmallows and relax.
    • Our parachute awning provides a covered cooking area (in the unlikely occurrence of rain!)
    The campsite also has a central washing up area and we provide ecological washing up products.
    The Eco Toilets (don't worry they flush!)

    The Eco Toilets (don’t worry they flush!)

    • We have two custom built flushing toilets and a urinal
    • The toilets are hand-made by a local carpenter
    • We also have running hot water
    • We provide ecological hand soap
    • There is a covered washing up area to the side
    Our West Sussex Campsite Bucket Shower

    The Camp Bucket Shower

    • We have two bucket showers in our cubicles made from reclaimed timber
    • Use renewable energy to heat your water in our water stove, use your kettle and fire, or we do have a gas water heater now (due to campsite regulations)
    • We provide ecological body wash for our campers
    • Sorry no turning the hot tap - real off-grid camping!
    • We have a baby bath onsite for our youngest campers