F.A.Q’s about posh camping, pets and other campsite logistics

F.A.Q’s about posh camping, pets and other campsite logistics

Are our bell tents considered ‘glamping’ or ‘posh camping? We prefer to call it ‘wild glamping’.  We don’t want to provide hotel rooms pretending to be camping. It’s real camping – away from power sources and it’s off-grid. We in fact provide very comfortable, clean, pre-erected tents, kitted out with the equipment you will need to experience real camping. So we think it’s ‘posh camping’ – but in our unique real, off-grid in the woods style!

Does Wild Boar Wood have pitch up camping? Sorry just our Sussex ‘posh camping’ version at Wild Boar Wood. Beech Estate has both ‘wild glamping’ or ‘posh camping as well as byo tent camping with our forest tent pitches, faraway tent pitches and larger group areas.

What should I bring for the Bell Tents? We recommend you bring towels, tea towel, a duvet or sleeping bags, a bottom sheet for the beds, pillows and pillow cases. Toiletries and insect repellant. Food and drink. Newspaper for the fire. A bag to take away your rubbish. A torch or two would be useful (and a few tea lights to create the right mood!).  CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT WE PROVIDE

Can I bring my dog? Sorry we do not allow pets on the site or in our woodland. We love animals but due to the woodland’s natural wildlife we can’t allow pets.

Where do I park my car? We have areas for car parking. Cars may not be driven to your pitch or into the camping areas. We aim to provide camping in the woods not in a car park. Wheelbarrows are provided to move your equipment to the pitch (and the warden will assist if you need it). It may be a 5 minute walk – but it’s worth it once you set up not to have cars in the campsite. Much safer for kids as well!

Where is the nearest shop to Wild Boar Wood Campsite? There is a shop in Horsted Keynes Store(1.5 mile), Scaynes Hill (2 .5 miles) and Lindfield (3 miles). There are supermarkets in Haywards Heath (5 miles).

Where is the nearest shop to Beech Estate Woodland Campsite? There is a shop in Netherfield  (about 1 mile). There are shops in the Town of Battle (3 miles).

How do we cook and store food? We provide a wood burning cooking stove with our ‘posh camping’ bell tents. Each pitch has a fire pit, and we provide a grill to bbq and cook on. A cool box is provide for each bell tent but if you want to keep a lot of food and drink cold please bring additional cool boxes. Sometimes a good idea to freeze your second days food so if keep everything else cold as it thaws out. Local stores sell ice if you need it.

Where is the nearest pub to Wild Boar Wood Campsite? There are two great pubs close by and we are between them both. The Sloop and The Green Man. Both walking distance of about a mile and a half, or a short drive. Lots of other lovely pubs in villages within 5-15 mins drive.

Where is the nearest pub to Beech Estate Woodland Campsite? There are lots of great pubs close by. These include The White Hart Inn, The Netherfield Arms and The Squirrel Inn. All are walking distance of about a mile or a mile and a half. We have maps to guide you through the Estate and the woodland to find them – walks of 25-45 minutes.

Can I get to you to Wild Boar Wood Campsite without driving? Yes, the nearest station is Haywards Heath on the London to Brighton line. A taxi will cost around £12-15. (Distance is 5 miles and takes 11 minutes). There is also a bus which runs to Horsted Keynes from Haywards Heath station.

Can I get to you to Beech Estate Woodland Campsite without driving? Yes, the nearest station is Battle. A taxi will cost around £8-12. (Distance is 3.5 miles and takes 7-10 minutes).

Can we play music? We do not allow radio’s, percussion instruments or any kind of amplified music. A quiet guitar and acoustic instruments are acceptable until our 10pm chill out time, when we ask you to keep the noise down and relax around your fire.

What are the toilets like? Well it wouldn’t be posh camping if we didn’t now have flushing toilets at both campsites. We still have some great eco compost toilets at Beech Estate (just like a normal toilet, with a seat, but no flush). We provide wood shavings and sawdust to scatter down – fragrant and clean! Both campsites have over twice the number of toilets recommended for campsites their size (in fact Beech Estate has nine toilet against a licence requirement of three).

Posh Camping in Sussex

The bucket showers at Eco Camp UK

What about the showers? Both the campsites each have our unique, quirky, custom built, private bucket shower. We have two at wild boar wood and five at Beech Estate – we really hate standing line for a shower! They have arial views of the surrounding trees, and are big enough to allow parents to shower with children. You just transfer a bucket of water into the shower bucket and hey presto it works just like at home. We also have two gas-fired showers at Beech Estate as well – although most campers prefer the beautiful eco-friendly bucket versions. Again Eco Camp UK version of posh camping!

Is their hot water? Yes – both campsites have gas hot water systems. Great for the environment to try heating your shower or washing up water on the fire using the latent heat if you are using one to cook!

Wild Boar Wood Campsite has two enclosed shower stalls made of reclaimed timber and locally grown larch. The showers are are set in the trees. The showers get their hot water from our amazing custom built wood-burning stove,  water heated on your eco wood fire stove or campfire (or we do let you use the gas-fired hot water system too).

Beech Estate Woodland Campsite have two huge, custom built, wooden shower enclosures, made from reclaimed timber.   The water for the bucket showers is heated from water heated on your eco wood fire stove, or from your campfire (or again we do let you use the gas-fired hot water systems).