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Camping Near Brighton

If you are looking for a campsite close to Brighton and London, look no further! Our Wild Boar Wood campsite near Haywards Heath, is also nearby to Brighton – only 30 minutes if you know the shortcut through Ditchling and Slugwash Lane. The Woodland Campsite – many

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Our First Newsletter – Bookings for 2012 Now Open

Hi All – Please excuse the higglety pigglety formatting of this post. I wanted to put in our first newsletter ever, but it proved more difficult that I thought! The newsletter looked great – honest it did! But I couldn’t figure out how to re-format it. So

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Bell Tent at our Sussex Campsite 1

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Bell Tent at our Sussex Campsite 2

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First Fire lit

We took delivery of our first ‘Stove Tec’ Biomass Cooking Stoves. We couldn’t wait to light our first camp fire, (admittedly in our back garden for testing purposes) and boiled about a litre of water in a bit over seven minutes. Well maybe a minute or two

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Eco Camps camp stove

We have now chosen our eco super efficient wood burning stove. Initially it was made for the third world to conserve fuel and reduce pollution saving lives. It has won many international awards. Each Bell Tent will have a wood burning cooker to efficiently boil the morning

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